<![CDATA[Johnson Family Chiropractic of Peoria, IL - blog]]>Fri, 22 Jan 2016 12:17:31 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Sign the National Medicare Equality Petition]]>Fri, 22 Jan 2016 20:15:45 GMThttp://www.johnson-family-chiropractic.com/blog/sign-the-national-medicare-equality-petitionFrom the American Chiropractic Association:

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has launched a major grassroots campaign to enact federal legislation that would achieve full physician status for doctors of chiropractic in Medicare. The ACA invites all chiropractors and chiropractic patients to consider signing the following petition:

​"Petition to White House and Members of Congress

Give Seniors the Medicare Coverage They Need and Deserve: Full Access to and Reimbursement for Services Provided by Doctors of Chiropractic

tudies have shown that essential services provided by doctors of chiropractic (DCs) can help aging Americans live healthier and happier lives, yet every day our nation's seniors are being unjustly denied full access to Medicare covered services by doctors of chiropractic that could improve their quality of life.

Why? Because the federal government continues to rely on an antiquated statute that discriminates against Medicare’s chiropractic patients by not covering medically necessary and mandated services delivered by DCs.

This needs to stop. Our aging population deserves the best health care this nation has to offer. And research has shown that safe and effective services provided by DCs are a part of the solution.

I urge you to pass legislation to correct this inequity in Medicare."

To sign this petition, please visit the Chiropractic in Medicare petition webpage.​]]>
<![CDATA[Natural First]]>Fri, 15 Jan 2016 23:02:36 GMThttp://www.johnson-family-chiropractic.com/blog/natural-firstHave you visited healthierillinois.com yet? It's a new initiative from the Illinois Chiropractic Society that showcases the message and health mission of Illinois chiropractors by using the slogan "Natural First." As the website explains:
“Natural First” by no means indicates a “Natural Only” philosophy. It means instead that, for many musculoskeletal conditions, providers should first pursue more conservative care without the use of drugs or surgeries. In a recent UnitedHealthcare Analysis, one in four patients suffered from a musculoskeletal condition, and low back pain is the second most common reason for a patient to see a primary care physician.
Since chiropractic is a non-invasive method of treating many common musculoskeletal conditions without the side effects to your body that often accompany drugs and surgeries, chiropractors believe that chiropractic and other non-invasive treatments and therapies should be attempted first. If your condition or problem is not resolved by trying non-invasive care, then care can always escalate to more invasive methods.

The website also has answers to many common questions from patients, such as "Is chiropractic treatment safe?" and "Does chiropractic treatment require a referral from an MD?" The website also hosts videos, helps patients find chiropractic doctors in their area, and provides research on common chiropractic questions. As the website states:
For over a hundred years, chiropractic physicians have been utilizing their “Natural First” approach helping patients address issues ranging from headaches to sport injuries to back pain. Chiropractic physicians make up a vital and effective member of your family’s medical team allowing for a drug and surgery free first approach to your health care and a focus on your body’s overall sense of wellness.
<![CDATA[October: Chiropractic and Low Back Pain]]>Mon, 12 Oct 2015 13:00:02 GMThttp://www.johnson-family-chiropractic.com/blog/october-chiropractic-and-low-back-painDateline, Peoria: October has been officially declared Illinois Chiropractic Health Care Month, in conjunction with the national celebration of October being National Chiropractic Health Month. To continue our celebration of the month, here's a great infographic from the American Chiropractic Association regarding chiropractic and low back pain:
<![CDATA[October is Illinois Chiropractic Month]]>Thu, 01 Oct 2015 14:30:02 GMThttp://www.johnson-family-chiropractic.com/blog/october-is-illinois-chiropractic-monthDateline, Peoria: October has been officially declared Illinois Chiropractic Health Care Month, in conjunction with the national celebration of October being National Chiropractic Health Month. To begin our celebration of the month, here's an excellent infographic from the American Chiropractic Association regarding backpack safety:
<![CDATA[What Texting Does To Your Neck]]>Wed, 23 Sep 2015 14:18:59 GMThttp://www.johnson-family-chiropractic.com/blog/what-texting-does-to-your-neckEven though most smartphones are lightweight, after minutes or hours of use they seem to get much heavier. We all know that we're supposed to hold the phone level with our eyes, but most of us have taken to holding the phone in our lap. This forces our neck and head to do all the work, craning down to look at our laps.

If you take a moment to think about it, this is a highly unusual posture. No one in human history has spent so much time looking straight down as we do today. Even fine work, such as sewing or lace-making, can be done on a tabletop or counter, at least bringing the work closer to our eyes.

This unusual neck posture has been called "Text Neck" for many years now, and its influence is only growing on a large population of young people who are reporting neck pain, headaches, and shoulder pain. Johnson Family Chiropractic of Peoria has a large patient population with these symptoms, and I believe they are becoming more common as smartphone technology becomes necessary for work and play. Fortunately, the symptoms are preventable with proper posture and treatable with gentle chiropractic care. The video below provides an excellent explanation of Text Neck and how to avoid it.